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Discovering Spain

Property News
12 December, 2020

Working from home in Alicante Region

Alicante region is the perfect city to live and telework   Seeking happiness means facing new challenges, changes that lead […]

image radar-covid-espagne
29 August, 2020

Radar Covid App Spain

If you travel to Spain this interests you: The Spanish government has developed the COVID Radar app that anonymously notifies any […]

image health measures in Spain
15 August, 2020

Is it safe to travel to Spain?

Is it safe to travel to Spain? Absolutely. Currently, thanks to the strict control measures put in place by the […]

on public roads, in outdoor spaces and in closed spaces open to the public
18 July, 2020

The mask is compulsory in the Alicante region

The mask is mandatory in the Alicante region from July 21, 2020. The Minister of Health of the Community of […]

image The FCS health control form
2 July, 2020

The FCS health control form to fly to Spain

Information about the FCS health control form in Spain   To protect your health, the Government of Spain has implemented […]

image New rules for flying with Ryanair
29 June, 2020

New rules for flying with Ryanair

Limited baggage and cash is prohibited – these are the new rules for flying with Ryanair There will also be […]

11 May, 2020

2 of many beautiful car routes in Spain

With a surface area of more than half a million square kilometers, Spain has more than enough room for you […]

5 family activities in Benidorm
10 April, 2020

5 family activities in Benidorm

Benidorm, the popular resort on the Costa Blanca, is ideal for families. There are many reasons for this. In addition […]

5 March, 2020

Top 12 museums to visit on the Costa Blanca

We love culture and history and if you are like us, you will enjoy visiting these great museums on the […]